Miracles Display God's Power To Change Your Life

My name is Forrest Scott Brown, I am a child of our Lord Jesus Christ and a Minister of the Gospel. I want to share the story of the miracle that God recently performed in my life. I pray that my Transplant Miracle will help draw you closer to Jesus.

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May I take a moment of your time to tell you about Forrest Scott Brown?

I have known Scott for over 30 years. He has served with me in ministry in some very good times, and through some extremely difficult times. He and I have laughed together and cried together. He is now growing and glowing after receiving a double transplant. His life is renewed, literally!

Scott has dedicated himself to a renewed fervent ministry for God. He is volunteering our ministry at Hyssop Ministries, and he is speaking at churches. The impact of Scott’s life will not be fully evident in this world, and definitely not in his or my lifetime. He has an internal reminder that his life is not his own, and “it is not all about me”.

If you have the opportunity to encourage Scott or to have him come and speak to your church or civic organization, I urge you to do so. He has a story to tell!

Terry Cliett

Hyssop Ministries, Milledgeville GA

Watch the video from Black Springs Baptist Church, Milledgeville, GANew